T-REX Engineering + Construction

T-REX provides engineering and fabrication services- either separately or a completely customized EPC turnkey package-for both offshore and onshore projects. We have extensive experience with designing, building and testing of subsea equipment such as manifolds, PLETs, PLEMs, ILS, jumpers and related equipment. T-REX is proud to have received our ASME stamp which allows us to build, modify or repair ASME Section VIII Div 1 vessels. 

Oct 03, 2017
As part of the ongoing project expansion,T-REX Engineering + Construction, is accepting application from qualified and experience engineers in different position: Project Engineers (For Water Division) Cost Control Engineers,Safety Officers,Project Engineer,Civil/Mechanical Engineer,Accountant,Sales Manager,Project Manager,Truck Drivers,Electrical,Structural Engineer,Quantity Surveyors, Tax Free.Applicant should urgently forward your CV to :( career.trex@engineer.com) for perusal. Egr. George Morrison Administrative Officer T-REX Engineering + Construction, 16425 Jacintoport Blvd. Houston, TX 77015 USA. Call:+1-346-209-0980
T-REX Engineering + Construction Houston, TX 77015, USA Full time