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Dec 28, 2017
Minimum Years of Experience:               15-20 years in the Oil & Gas Industry Educational Qualification:                         Bachelor of Engineering (preferably )     The Business Advisor – Joint Operations will be providing valuable and requisite inputs to the Top Management and assisting in the review of various proposals pertaining to Khafji JO and Wafra JO. The Business Advisor is expected to possess in-depth knowledge of the working of Khafji / Wafra JOs.   The role envisaged includes, inter alia, the following activities:   Communicating effectively with the personnel concerned in the JOs and ensuring prompt response / action Build relationships with key JO personnel through regular contact and networking for channelizing information. Reviewing thoroughly the Five-Year Business Plan including OPEX / CAPEX proposals received from the JOs and preparing Executive Summary for CLIENTS Management Providing high level technical evaluation of JO activities and assisting CLIENTS-JOC/JEC members on technical decisions Participating / representing CLIENTS Management in meetings with Manufacturers, Suppliers and other K-Companies’ on critical technical issues Advising CLIENTS Management on various issues for safeguarding CLIENTS’s financial interests in the JOs Attending Meetings at JOs on various subjects along with JOC / JEC members and lucidly presenting CLIENTS’s point of view Ensuring that Minutes of Meetings are promptly received / prepared and reviewing of the same for its correctness Arranging periodical review meetings to be conducted by CLIENTS Management on various activities of the JOs Constantly focussing on new areas of Cost Optimization at the JOs and interacting with the concerned personnel Becoming a one-point source for CLIENTS Management regarding availability of critical information on the JOs Reviewing Internal / External / State Audit observations and coordinating for getting feedback on major issues, if any Advising CLIENTS Management on the JOs performance and delivery, liaising closely with JO subject matter experts to address all aspects of the business. Identifying the gaps in implementation of CLIENTS / KPC strategic objectives in JOs and appraise CLIENTS Management The skills required for the position are as follows:   Ability to prepare, analyze and present JO information in an effective and timely manner Good communication skills in Arabic and English - oral and written Interest and ability to acquire knowledge of JO Operations & functionality Energy and ability to work within and across various teams within JO Effective presentation skills Strong work ethics
Tangerine Kuwait Full time
Dec 27, 2017
Candidates should be native British/American only. Candidates should have minimum of 15 years’ experience Candidates should possess extensive international experience in the Oil & Gas sector as well as with Joint Ventures. Candidates age should not exceed (50) years old. Candidates in this position should be versatile in computer skills, strong written and verbal communication in English language.   If interested then kindly forward your CV in Word Format on deepak@tangerine.org.in
Tangerine Contractor
Dec 13, 2017
 Position: QA/QC Engineer & Supervisor ( Both Rotational & Residential position)  The candidates should have minimum of 5 years in QAQC role & minimum of 10 years of overall experience in inspection.  CVS of Western National Preferred.  Age of the candidate must be less than 50 years.  Last date for submission of CVs is 17th Dec 2017.
Tangerine Contractor
Dec 07, 2017
All CVs submitted should possess an Engineering Degree (mandatory). The candidates should have minimum 15-20 years’ experience. Age of the candidate must be less than 55 years. Last date for submission of CVs is 11th Dec 2017. Preferred candidates having past /present working experience with companies like Derrick Solutions International , National Oilwell Varco ,etc.
Tangerine Kuwait Contractor